7 of the best best beaches in Punta Cana and what makes each one of them is unique

There is no doubt that some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic are located in Punta Cana, the number one travel destination in the caribbean. The smell of the ocean and the white sands of this tropical paradise create a mixture of sensations that will instantly make you feel brand new. If you’re a tourist escaping the colder months in your country or a local wanting to take a break from the city or enjoy the holidays, it’s always a good idea to go to the beach, get tanned and enjoy a vacation. That’s why we’ve picked the best beaches you can visit in Punta Cana.

1. Macao Beach

When talking about Macao Beach the first thing that comes to mind is wild waves and surfing. Macao is located in the north of the Punta Cana region, it’s one of the less populated beaches and it’s home to many surfing schools in the area and many buggy tours also bring their clients here. Whether you are looking for a swim or learning how to surf you will be pleased to know that most of the year the waves are between 2-5ft tall.

While there, you can take advantage of the feisty waves and take your first surf lesson since its lack of reefs and rocks make it a very beginner friendly beach. Most surfing schools offer transportation from the hotels, surfboard rentals and have friendly staff.

2. Bavaro Beach

Bávaro started out as a small town but quickly grew into one of the biggest tourist locations in the country. Bávaro beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Dominican Republic and it was declared one of the three best beaches in the world by UNESCO. You can find countless hotels, restaurants, stores and night clubs so it is certainly the place to go if you are always looking for something to do or if you love the nightlife. Any tourist visiting is guaranteed to have fun and find activities to indulge in at Bavaro Beach. As for the beach itself, Bávaro has 48 km of white sandy beaches and this region is also great for sailing aboard a catamaran or enjoying a tropical cocktail while tanning at the beach. You can also enjoy activities such as zip lining, paintball, bungee jumping, ecotourism and many more.

3. Playa Blanca

Located between Bávaro Beach and Macao Beach, Playa Blanca is an ideal environment for swimming and practicing water sports such as kitesurfing, paddle boarding, or scuba diving. This beach is part of the Puntacana Resort & Club, it has impeccable turquoise waters like no others, and every year it hosts the annual Kite Fest with visiting kite surfers from around the country. Additionally, the beach is full of coral reefs paving the dominican coast that provide one of the best views in the caribbean ocean. If you are a photography lover we recommend you to bring a waterproof camera so you can capture amazing memories. The only downside is that this beach is usually more crowded than some of the other ones coming up next.

4. Juanillo Beach

Juanillo beach is the way to go if you are looking for a quiet chill beach to relax in. It is located in Cap Cana which is a gated community located at the south part of Punta Cana. It has fewer hotels nearby compared to other beaches, however, it is packed with a variety of restaurants and water activities, and has been host of the notorious Electric Paradise, a music fest which brings international artists and thousands of tourists together every year. Even though Juanillo is a public beach, it’s only accessible through Cap Cana Resort, making it a peaceful and quiet place to sunbathe in.

5. El Cortecito Beach

This beach got its name from the El Cortecito town which is filled with guesthouses, restaurants, shops and some great nightlife venues. The resorts and hotels around the area are part of the private coast, however, there are free zones where anyone can visit this wonderful beach located on the north coast of Punta Cana. The atmosphere around the beach is high-spirited during both daytime and nighttime. It is shielded by coconut palm trees and usually very busy since it's a great place to practice water sports and it has a large number of diverse establishments in the area.

6. Cabeza de Toro Beach

This impressive beach was granted the Bandera Azul award due to its quality and popularity amongst tourists. It is home to a great variety of fauna and biodiversity, such as the Bávaro lagoon, an important Natural Reserve. This is one of the less populated beaches, which makes its nature and vegetation the main focal points. The coast is covered by coral reefs and the environment is calm and ideal for intimate ventures. You can also find a variety of local shops and artisanal stalls, some of them offering their services to visitors to Playa Cabeza de Toro.

7. Uvero Alto Beach

One of the lesser known virgin beaches in Punta Cana, this is another ideal spot for people looking to practice water sports. It has infinite palm trees, white sand beaches and impressive blue waters. Its reefs cover the coast and help make the waves break in a perfect way so that you can practice surfing and even windsurfing. There are also many excursions available to tourists that would like to practice snorkeling or riding horses by the beach.

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