7 things you should know before you visit Cap Cana

From beautiful white sands at the beach to a myriad of exclusive hotels; here you will find 7 things you should know before booking your next vacation at Cap Cana.

Tourists can indulge in all-inclusive luxury hotels surrounded by beautiful beaches and local culture, magnificent ocean views and incredible amenities, amongst others.

Now, without further ado, these are 7 things you need to know when you’re vacationing at Cap Cana.

1. Where you’re headed once you arrive at the airport.

Cap Cana is one of the ultimate tropical destinations due to its notorious beaches and the lifestyle that is tied to this popular gated community, located in the heart of Punta Cana. The caribbean climate, the beach and the exclusive five star hotels and resorts make it an international destination ideal for those who are into a more embellished lifestyle.
That being said, you can expect wonderful pools and beaches, the Cap Cana Marine which is the only cruise port in Punta Cana, and more in this exotic paradise where summer never ends.

2. What kind of service should you use to get to your hotel from the Punta Cana international airport?

Before you arrive at the airport you will need to decide what kind of services to use to move around and get to your hotel. You have the option to choose between using traditional taxi services or book a private transportation service.

In order to have the best experience vacationing in Cap Cana, you will need the best transportation services that meet your needs. That is why it's recommended that you book private transportation for a fast, smooth and safe trip to your destination so you can start enjoying your vacation as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering which transportation service to book, Punta Cana Transfer offers exceptional private transportation that is guaranteed to get the most out of your trip. The service is available in five of the area’s top airports and you can easily get a quote online here.

Cap Cana has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. What you can expect by visiting this tropical paradise is nothing less than walking into the extraordinary.

3. Discovering the dominican food

The only thing better than vacationing in the Caribbean is the variety of food you are destined to encounter. The Dominican Republic’s gastronomy has a strong cultural heritage from its first inhabitants, the spanish colonizers and the african slaves that were brought to the islands in the latter decades. If you decide to go to a dominican food restaurant you will find yourself navigating through enticing dishes that will leave you wanting more.

4. The beaches are likely to exceed your expectations

We’ve all seen how beautiful the Caribbean beaches look through photos online, however, once you get there you’ll be blown away by thousands of miles of white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Juanillo Beach is the first beach you’ll want to go to and luckily, it is located in Cap Cana. This beach is accessible to anybody visiting the area and there’s a restaurant close by.
Some other beaches worth mentioning are Macao Beach and Arena Gorda Beach, which are equally as beautiful and can be visited outside of the Cap Cana complex.

5. The dominican culture

Cap Cana is not just beautiful beaches and fancy hotels, there is a mix of diverse and wonderful culture unique to the dominican people. You can expect to be received with open arms by both the staff and the rest of the locals at Cap Cana. Dominican people are cheerful, talkative and know how to turn any occasion into a celebration.

Spanish is the official language in the Dominican Republic, so learning some basic key words in spanish to greet and thank the staff and locals will make your stay even better.

6. You can visit other islands

The best part of vacationing on an island on the caribbean is that there are more islands all over the coast. If you want to boost your experience in Cap Cana, you’ll want to hop on a speed boat and head to Isla Saona. The experience and magnificent views are usually the place for filming due to its naturally beautiful blue waters and trip to Isla Saona is simply a delight to watch. Once at Isla Saona, you will be able to explore its iconic Cotubanamá National Park and discover the lifestyle of the people living on the island.

Overall, an excursion to Isla Saona is an experience that you won’t want to miss as it is a beautiful island, the people are great, you’ll learn about the dominican culture and you can find tons of travel agencies that can guarantee a safe and fun trip.

7. What other activities can be done in Cap Cana?

We’ve talked about the beaches and food, however, Cap Cana is more than just pretty beaches and palm trees. You can visit The Marina to live an adventure like no other, fish and explore the sea like a sailor.

Another interesting activity to explore is the Punta Espada Golf Club, which has an award winning fold course. The challenging par-72 course was ranked as the number one golf course in the Caribbean by Golfweek Magazine and there are golf programs available for you to book with your friends and family even if it’s your first time.

Los Establos is another place worth visiting if you are into equestrian sports or if you’re simply an animal lover. There are also other sports facilities available for soccer, lacrosse, american football, baseball and many more.

Finally, we recommend exploring the ecological wonders that this tropical setting has to offer by visiting Scape Park, the local theme park that mixes local ecological wonders and beautiful tropical scenery into one place.

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