Best things to do while visiting Bayahibe

Bayahibe is a small town located in the province of La Altagracia, Dominican Republic. It’s only 16km away from La Romana, another popular tourist destination in the country. It is known as a popular spot for fishing, diving, and snorkeling, and it is surrounded by sandy beaches. It is also worth mentioning that Bayahibe is one of the few towns conveniently providing access to other beautiful islands in the area, such as Saona and Catalina.

The small town of Bayahibe is certainly a breath of fresh salty air, with tons of interesting activities awaiting you, and we are here to show you which ones are worth your time. If you have a love for small beach towns, nature, and adventure we recommend you book at your hotel of choice and start exploring this beautiful town so you can get lost in Bayahibe as soon as possible.

Discover Bayahibe’s beaches

Bayahibe’s beaches are the greatest tourist attractions in the area. With approximately 4 to 5 beaches and 2 adjacent islands to choose from. The beaches in Bayahibe all have the same thing in common: gorgeous views, dazzling palm trees, clear sand, and turquoise water that will blow your mind. The calm and intimate beach areas combined with the town’s beautiful culture will transport you to a new world of paradisiac adventure.

We can't suggest Bayahibe Beach enough if you enjoy snorkeling and exploring aquatic animals. Dominicus Beach is ideal for those who enjoy visiting more busy beaches with bars and restaurants. Because you'll have to travel through the Casa de Campo complex to get to Playa Minitas, it's more of a private beach, but it's just as gorgeous as the others.

Explore wonderful caves

What makes Bayahibe the ultimate tourist adventure is the diverse activities you can do, and a very popular one is visiting its many caves. Some of the beautiful caves, such as Padre Nuestro, contain water deposits in the territory of the Parque Nacional del Este, which is very popular due to their cold thermal waters.

Chicho cave is another popular place with walls decorated with ritual petroglyphs from prehistoric times. The water inside this cave forms a small lake of fresh and transparent water, which is believed to have been used by the indigenous people for ritual acts.

Visit an underwater museum

Have you ever been to an underwater museum? Just the thought of it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Bayahibe’s submarine museum was born with the idea of developing the type of tourism that promotes the preservation of natural resources and highlights the country's cultural values.

The underwater museum is located in the Reserves of the Guaraguao Coral Canyons and is about 40 feet below the surface. The main attractions are the relics of a famous and well-known Spanish galleon called Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe), which was shipwrecked in the Samaná Bay during the 18th century. You may explore the museum's historic cannonballs, weaponry, anchors, and pottery while seeing firsthand the history of navigation from various eras in the form of a maritime display.

Stay at GuaiGüí Eco Lodge

This Small Eco Lodge is located 10 minutes away from the sea and Bayahibe town, and it is ideal for those looking for a small relaxing place surrounded by nature. You can rent a rustic room in a small wooden house with coconut leaf roofs. The wooden cabins are located in the middle of a garden in the middle of nature, there is no construction in the immediate surroundings.

You will also be supporting a family-owned business and enjoy a delicious free breakfast every day.

Visit the National Park

If you are a nature lover with a passion for ecoadventures, we recommend paying a visit to Parque Nacional del Este. This is one of the most visited protected areas in the country, with over 340,000 annual visitors. The park’s extensive biodiversity, landscapes, and endemic species are some of its many attractions. There you will find one of the best well-preserved semi-humid tropical forests on the island, with countless different species of flora and fauna that have been discovered through the years.

In addition to that, you will also find attractive tourist areas destined to accommodate and inform visitors interested in nature and history. You might have to travel great distances through Sendero Padre Nuestro, one of its main attractions. Other activities that can be done are visiting the butterfly garden, visiting caves, discovering fossils, birdwatching, camping, amongst others.

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