Best watersports available in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is one of the hottest vacation spots in the Caribbean with many amazing activities, places to visit, and wonderful beaches to discover. The sole thought of taking a splash in the blue water or laying in its white sand is like a dream come true to any tourist. However, after a few days of indulging in this tropical paradise, we imagine you’ll be wanting to take your vacation to the next level. That’s why we recommend checking out the best water sports available in the Punta Cana area. 

There’s no better way to spend your days in Punta Cana than becoming one with the ocean participating in adrenaline-packed activities while improving your health. Water sports have several physical and mental health benefits, and they will allow you to end your vacation on a sweet note.

So if you are looking to practice snorkeling, diving, sailing or any other thrilling water sport in Punta Cana, we recommend you keep reading and find out what sports are available in that area and how to hop into them:


Watersports in Punta Cana


  • Scuba Diving

The unique biodiversity and water conditions in Punta Cana make it an ideal place to practice scuba diving, which has increasingly become one of the most popular water activities in the latest years. The sea life is mostly comprised of reefs, sea vegetation and, on some rare occasions, sea creatures such as fish, eels, or turtles can be observed. Get prepared to submerge in fun underwater adventures discovering all of the beauty that Punta Cana has to offer!

We recommend diving during the months of March through July when the weather conditions and climate are better. Some of the best beaches to practice scuba diving are: Macao, Bávaro, Arena Blanca, etc. There’s a wide variety of places available for both beginners and more experienced divers. 

  • Snorkeling

Discover the underwater madness of Punta Cana by going on a snorkeling adventure. This experience is ideal for people with any level of expertise, as it doesn’t require much swimming habilities. All you need is a mask, some goggles a vest and away you go! Once you are done exploring, you can relax floating in the water and admiring the beautiful scenery at the beach. Get prepared to escape from the ground life and submerge into the underwater world crammed with beautiful coral reefs and underwater creatures.

  • Parasailing

Parasailing in Punta Cana can be pretty exciting. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure with family and friends, carried away by a giant parachute making your way through wind and water. This activity is usually available at the beaches of resorts and also in some public beaches. It usually takes a maximum of 15 minutes and the prices range from USD $50 to USD $70.

  • Surfing

Punta Cana is 100% recommended and some of its beaches are just perfect for riding wild waves. If you want to become a surfing expert Macao Beach is the place to go. Macao is a public beach with countless surfing schools, instructors and rental places available, and the quiet nature of the beach combined with its feisty waves make it the perfect place to get started on your first surfing journeys. 

The experienced instructors in the area will guide you and keep you company to make sure that you are always safe. If you are a more experienced surfer then you might want to take advantage of the surfing season which starts in October. 

  • Kayaking

Kayaking is a wonderful activity that will activate all of your senses. The heat of the sun combined with the ocean breeze and countless motions will keep you energized and focused. You will get to feel the wild currents and work your way through them, all while trying to keep control of your boat. You can gaze at the beautiful Punta Cana shorelines and explore the coral reefs in the area. The best part is that kayaks are easily available at most beaches so no matter where you are in Punta Cana you can always go kayaking.

  • Boat rides

We can’t recommend this one enough. There’s a great variety of boat rides to choose from, all to feet your needs. You can choose from snorkeling and diving boat trips, party boats, cruises, island trips, and many more. Enjoy the wonderful shoreline views while sipping drinks and feeling the heat of the sun and cool breeze sensations in your skin. There is no better way to experience Punta Cana.

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