Excellence Punta Cana: 2023 Guide

You're looking to visit or return to the Dominican Republic. The Excellence Punta Cana Hotel is where you need to go. Imagine enjoying the beauty of a private beach with luxuries and exceptional services.

How many stars does the Excellence Hotel in Punta Cana own?

Five stars, of course, having VIP access and so many amenities and other special perks included, they could not be less than that. The dreamy stay the Excellence offers, in which Nature and technology blend perfectly, is something you will love to live more than once with your spouse or friends coming with you. The rooms' appliances are of the best quality and well-maintained, apart from a top-notch service in any of the Hotel's surroundings.

How do I get to the Excellence Punta Cana Hotel from the airport?

Many options offer no-waiting time, as it's completely understandable that once you arrive at Punta Cana's airport, you want to get to the Hotel as soon as possible and start your vacation.

There are many options, from private shuttles, airport taxis, uber, or the official transportation supplier for Excellence Punta Cana. For a more in-depth guide, please click here.

When booking, you can pick from Vans or busses with capacities of six or even fifty-four passengers. The Private Luxury Transfer Service includes transportation in a Cadillac Escalade. In this superb vehicle, you can chill during the trip to the Hotel. If you have the "Go big or go home" philosophy, you can get the services of the Stretch Limo, offering you a ride from the airport in a Limousine!

Please remember that the check-in time at the Excellence Punta Cana is from 15:00 / 3:00 PM. The check-out is before noon. If you want an earlier check-in, you will have to verify the availability first with the Hotel before you arrive to avoid any inconvenience.

There are many options to choose from, do your research and make sure you book a good ride; this will prevent you from starting your vacation off on the wrong foot with iffy transportation providers or feeling like you were taken advantage of by a taxi driver.

Which attractions can you find close to the Excellence Punta Cana Hotel?

Apart from its private beach, Excellence Punta Cana is close to Macao and Arena Gorda beaches, only 23 and 30 minutes' drive by car, respectively. And the beautiful surroundings near those beaches are so eye-catching that you won't even notice the time.

To have a night to remember, you have the Coco Bongo. On this fantastic night club professional dancers, acrobats, actors, and actresses join their expertise to entertain you among a sea of lights, rhythms, theater spectacles, and contagious tropical melodies, injecting you with the desire to move your body all night long inside its 4,016 square meters structure. And the drinks there are something from another level!

Book Coco Bongo by clicking here

For those who enjoy Nature to the fullest and are not afraid of the outdoors, you can choose to arrange a Safari cultural tour to a coffee or cocoa plantation, where you will witness how they are made with a taste of its delicious local products and exciting stories that go from generation to generation! Enjoy being Dominican for a day by getting on a high truck and seeing the real Dominican Republic.

Book a Cultural tour by clicking here

You can also blast with the extreme adventure driving a buggy offers. Alone or with a friend next to you, the Buggies are what you need if you don't want to chill under a tree simply but to explore first-hand all about the countryside and its many wonders, apart from swimming in a natural pool inside a thrilling, ancient cave.

Book tour buggy tour here

For a tour in which Nature is the primary purpose, consider a trip to Saona Island, where you will board an exclusive catamaran and go through crystal clear waters to this fantastic spot full of starfish and palm trees. You will have the chance to dance merengue on board while you enjoy a delicious, refreshing cocktail or a glass of Dominican rum!

Reach out by clicking here to get a quote for Saona Island

Last but not least, you can defy gravity inside the Stuka, a giant slide you can find at Sirenis Aquagames Water Park, which is only five minutes away from the Hotel by car. The incredible slides there are just for brave people and guarantee you and your friends a lot of fun and laughter! And for those who enjoy playing golf, there are two excellent courses only half an hour nearby, such as the Cana bay Golf Club and the Punta Blanca Golf Course, which are great for a match with your pals!

When booking any activity, make sure you book through a local provider. This helps support the local economy instead of providing a commission for foreign companies, which only jack up the prices.

Which features will you find in Excellence Punta Cana's facilities?

  • A guest-only beach: Imagine getting out of the Hotel and, just a few steps away, finding a beautiful area filled with palm trees, soft, white sand, and crystal clear waters awaiting you and the people there with you. And, apart from that, having a lot of space available to accommodate your belongings. Only people staying at the Excellence can enjoy this, so your protection is guaranteed as no one from outside will get there.

What a perfect way to reload your batteries while preparing to learn more about Uvero Alto in Punta Cana!

  • Restaurants: How great it is to wake up after a night of drinking and have a delicious, nutritional breakfast included in the price of your room! Learn this all-inclusive property; you have the most beautiful buffets and a la carte meals, snacks, and drinks learned from in the in-room minibar with liquor dispensers (prior consultation of availability).

The on-site restaurants the Excellence Punta Cana offer contain a comprehensive, exquisite menu of international foods (including the always welcomed Mexican cuisine) to treat your palate, so you keep asking for more. These beautiful restaurants are Agave, The Grill, Chez Isabelle, The Lobster House, and T,h,e Kitchen Table. Very close to the Hotel, you will find either Pool bar, Ikebana, La Gira Rodizio, Cinecitta, and Saona, all of them at a distance of only four-five minutes.

If this isn't enough, you'll also encounter three poolside bars, one swim-up bar, 12 bars, and a lounges plus coffee and tea at your reach in the common areas. All of this is to satisfy every single one of your desires at any moment you want it. The personnel is trained to be at your disposal, attending to your needs wherever you are.

  • The ultimate in technology and comfort inside the rooms: The Excellence Punta Cana Hotel is known for taking care of every detail regarding its customers' satisfaction. That's why their staff's most significant focus is ensuring guests find neat rooms with everything they need to relax there or work if they have to.

In this sense, each guest will find premium bedding with hypo-allergenic bed sheets, a pillow menu from which they can select the size of pillow they want to use, blackout curtains/drapes that allow them to control when to let natural light enter their room and how much of it, air conditioning if you don't want to feel the external heat at all and a ceiling fan in case you don't want to feel cold either, but to stay fresh simply.

Besides, get your slippers, toothpaste and toothbrush, a hair dryer to keep your hair moisturized, and toes. Inside the room, you'll also be able to a desk located in a laptop-compatible space, so nothing disturbs your work or research if you have to do it.

If you don't want to get out, that's options for entertainment are no problem. Get popcorn, coke, and snacks ready for a movie night! The Hotel offers both cand premium channels. There's also free Wi-Fi granted in some common areas), so you can continue watching series and movies from the most popular online streaming channels.

The bathroom is entirely private, so nobody will ever bother you there! The toiletries are especially designer-made according to the latest trends in style and materials. There is also a separate hydromassage showerhead and a separate jetted bathtub, allowing you to choose which way to pamper yourself while you shower.

Regarding accessibility, some of the 461 rooms at the Excellence Hotel are equipped to fulfill those guests with this particular need by providing them with accessible bathrooms, roll-in showers, in-room accessibility, and an elevator, plus a wheelchair-accessible registration desk. Hence, nobody ever gets to feel out of place.

Of course, it is essential that the person interested in this service first talk to the Hotel to check if these adapted rooms and related services are available and plan according to the response received.

And what kind of rooms can you pick from in advance? The options ahead of you provided by Excellence Punta Cana are endless, and it's challenging to say which is the best, as all of them are marvelous!

Starting from the Club Suite with or without a private Pool, the Terrace Suite with or without a plunge pool, the Club Honeymoon Suite, the Club Master, Double Junior, and Junior or just Suites with or without Ocean view, Garden view, and Pool view equipped with a King Bed or two Double Beds depending of the rooms' capacity (two or three people). Some of these rooms come with a spectacular 20% discount on the value of the spa services! Just get in touch with the Hotel and let them assist you in arranging a dreamy staying!

These rooms also include (if you want) a turndown service. In this way, you and your partner(s) will be sure of having clean, fresh sheets recently changed for the night with some always timely mints there at your reach, regardless of how you leave your room earlier in the day. Discreet, certified professionals in this regard provide this service.

Which cleaning and safety practices are followed at Excellence Punta Cana Hotel?

All high-touch surfaces are constantly cleaned and disinfected with hypo-allergenic products that eliminate bacteria and almost every source of possible air viruses. Besides, all towels and sheets must be washed at 60°C/140°F or hotter if possible, so everything touching your skin is completely clean, according to international sanitary authorities' guidelines.

Regarding social distancing, the Excellence hotel is proud to provide cashless transactions for all charges in its spaces and contactless room service if requested in advance.
The staff is qualified to use temperature checks and is equipped with protective implements, including masks and hand sanitizer. If requested by guests, their food can get to them wrapped up individually throughout the way to their rooms.

Speaking of other essential safety features, this Hotel is well-prepared with fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, a security surveillance system in public areas, and smoke detectors. The crew is keenly instructed in correctly using these elements to ensure that all guests in all areas are safe.

In which language does the crew at Excellence Punta Cana communicate with guests?

Being the Dominican Republic a country with a privileged location, practically between North and South America, and being Punta Cana one of its most representative, known, and preferred spots for tourism from all over the world, it is expected from the hotel staff to be able to speak, read and write in English and Spanish fluently, as these are the main languages there.

Of course that knowing these two languages don't limit them from learning more and becoming multilingual, given that they are aware that it is a nice gesture to make communication with guests as easy as possible for them.

Which services does the Spa at Excellence Punta Cana offer?

The right question should be: Which service does Excellence Punta Cana's Spa not offer? Its collection of treatments and therapies, mainly conceived to elevate the well-being of your skin and the rest of your body along with your mind, is something you have to come and live for yourself; words fall short of doing justice to how fantastic these procedures are. But here's a brief description of each of them, which are provided every day in any of the Spa's 14 treatment rooms you get access to with a prior reservation:

  • Massages: From ancient times, it is well known that hands, when used with proper skills and training, have a tremendous power to heal a good number of wounds and other body aches, or at least to reduce the pain they cause. And the body therapists in charge of the Spa are thoroughly educated in providing a sense of natural, general well-being and relaxation through their hands, making you forget about worries and troubles for a moment your body will be fully thankful about.
  • Sauna and Steam room: These specific treatments have the quality of helping your skin get deeply cleansed without even having to move a lot, just letting heat do its job by opening your pores. Apart from that progressive cleansing process, it also prepares the body to receive all the nutrients and benefits from any procedure you get done onto you at the Spa after finishing your time in these places.
  • Hydrotherapy/ Turkish bath or also called Hammam: As our bodies are mainly consisting of water, it makes sense that water is used as a treatment to improve the health of our skin and body. During Hydrotherapy, water pressure at a specific temperature is the key to making tense muscles soften and relax. And the Turkish bath helps you remove dead cells and other unwanted elements from your body, cleaning it intensely for an incredible massage after the exfoliating process.
  • Body treatments/body wraps/facials/manicures & pedicures: Massages are just the tip of the iceberg regarding body treatments. There are injections, ultrasounds, and other therapies with creams, oils, and other instruments in different materials prepared to enhance your body's condition. Our Spa crew is trained in their use.

Body wraps are a great way to get a better figure in little time, and facials combined with a good manicure and pedicure at the Spa will give you the bright, clean, and refreshed look you need to continue your day and your vacations. The Spa provides all these services and guarantees an unforgettable experience.

  • Aromatherapy/Outdoor treatment areas: Aromatherapy activates the rest of the senses softly. It does it through inhaling unique essences spread on purpose around the place, so a pleasant fragrance makes you feel good and chill. And if you do this in an exterior environment, the Nature around you and the sun's rays will add a beautiful plus to the entire moment. Lastly, you can receive these treatments alone or with a partner.

Are there activities or sports to do at the Excellence Punta Cana Hotel?

You have available water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Of course, there are plenty of other options! You have things to do on the ground, like playing volleyball, taking tennis lessons, playing soccer, going on a bicycle, playing mini-golf, going to the gym, and practicing Aerobics, Pilates, dancing, and other disciplines created to promote your body's wellbeing, take a language lesson to improve your use of Spanish and English or cooking lessons to set up a tasty surprise for your partner.

You can also attend other on-site activities like live performances and theme parties. The Hotel organizes for the season. These will make you a part of a fantastic moment you will always have special memories after your stay.

What about the parking at the Excellence Hotel?

Self-parking is entirely complimentary for guests.

Are there other services offered by Excellence Punta Cana Hotel?

Of course! There's the reception hall equipped with whatever you might need for your event, whether it's a party or a meeting business. You also get a 24-hour front desk ready to help you with any doubt or need. Daily housekeeping and concierge services make sure to have every item in the Hotel in its place, organized and clean. The porter or bellhop is always there to help with your bags, and there is also a granted storage for your luggage, so you never have issues with accommodating your belongings.

If you are going to get married, Excellence is more than happy to provide everything you request for a beautiful wedding service where you say "I do" to the one you love and exchange your vows. You can get the right look at the hair salon for every occasion. The laundry facilities keep your clothes clean and perfect without a single wrinkle. There are beautiful gardens you can walk by to treat your eyes and a rooftop terrace where you can escape the noise whenever you need it.

If you are on a romantic trip, romance packages are available to help you keep the fire up between you and your beloved one. And all areas are identified with the specific use intended for them, so you always look for where to do something like, for example, smoking.

The Excellence gift shop has everything in souvenirs and other presents you want to purchase from every trip you make.

Important reminders.

The Excellence Punta Cana Hotel welcomes all 18-year-old people or older, as it is an all-inclusive adult-only property. People below this age are not allowed, and neither are pets.

Depending on the room you select while you are booking, its capacity varies from a maximum of two to three people, no more than that. And there cannot be more beds in a room than the ones already included.

Extra charges may be applied for special services (if available by the moment of your stay) that require you to show your Government-issued photo ID and credit card. So, even if you booked with enough anticipation, always have these documents with you.

It is essential to check in advance the safety procedures, tests, and vaccination requirements being followed by the Excellence and Dominican Republic regarding Covid-19 to ensure yourself a safe staying.

How much does it cost to stay at the Excellence Punta Cana Hotel?

The price of nearly $320 a night per couple is based on the price calculated for two adults staying in low season. Of course, this cost is subject to vary depending on the type of beds inside, the view you want, and other amenities included in the room you select (like having your pool outside the bedroom, for example). This is why you must check for the availability of everything you would like and book with enough anticipation to obtain the best price and even a good discount!

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