How to get to Sunset Samana from the Santo Domingo Airport: 2023 Guide

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The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular countries in the western hemisphere to go on vacation. It is known for its beautiful beaches and lovely all-inclusive resorts.

Before the pandemic, the Dominican Republic averaged about 7.55 million tourists annually.

One of the many resorts in Samana is Sunset Samana. It is an excellent resort that is located in Samana.

For many visiting Samana, flying into Santo Domingo Airport is the best option due to the availability of flights and distance. The drive from Santo Domingo Airport to Samana is around two and a half hours; while not a long trip, it can be pretty intimidating for first-time travelers to this small slice of paradise.

So, what options do you have for Santo Domingo Airport transport?

This is how to get to Sunset Samana from Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ).

Where Is Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ) Located?

So, one of the first questions you should ask before booking is where this airport is. Well, it is near the Dominican Republic city known as Santo Domingo. This airport alone had over 4.1 million arrivals in 2019.

Santo Domingo has a population of over 2.2 million people. That is almost double the population of the second city. Many people fly into this city.

The city is located in the southern half of the country along the Caribbean coast. The town attracts many tourists for its historically significant sites, population size, and its location on the coast.

As for the actual airport, this is about 20 miles east of Santo Domingo's city center. It is in Punta Caucedo, and it takes less than 30 minutes to get to the city center from there.

However, the airport is almost a 3-hour drive from Samana.

Where Is Sunset Samana Located?

Next, you need to know where Sunset Samana is located. Well, it is located in Samana, one of the less-known beach towns in the Dominican Republic, making it an excellent option for those looking to get away from the big resorts in Punta Cana and has a more down-to-earth vacation.

Sunset Samana is one of many properties that host clients in the area.

Rideshare Options From the Santo Domingo Airport

So, you may consider using a company such as Uber to get you to your destination. There are a few problems with this idea from Santo Domingo.

We can get into details about why Uber is not the best option. However, a picture is worth 1000 words, so if you are interested in knowing why Uber is not such a great option in the Dominican Republic, check out this YouTube video.

Renting a Car From the Airport

Another option is renting a car from Santo Domingo Airport and then driving yourself. You may be thinking, the drive is only two hours; what is the big deal?

Some travelers prefer to be more independent and drive to a destination. However, you need to consider the safety factors of going this route.

When renting a car, you are responsible for all of the damages that could happen to it. That means you risk paying the car rental company damages if something happens. Seeing how crazy driving is in the Dominican Republic is better learned in the passenger seat.

In the Dominican Republic, this is a genuine possibility. Along with the theft risk above, you may crash the car because of the road conditions. These are known to be outside the standards of North American and European countries, so keep that in mind before going this route.

Consider the driving and road situation before committing to a car rental.

Taking a Taxi From the Airport

Another option from the airport is to take a local taxi from Santo Domingo. Sitting in a stuffy taxi will cost you a couple of hundred dollars. A taxi at the airport could charge 200 USD + for up to 5 people.

Many taxi drivers are also professionals in Santo Domingo and might not be as knowledgeable as a driver initially from Samana; this could make the trip longer due to a lack of knowledge of the best routes in Samana. This, coupled with many taxi drivers not knowing a language other than Spanish, makes for the 2-hour long drive longer than it should be.

Taking a Shuttle From the Airport

Along with a taxi, a shuttle is another form of transportation that is available near the airport. These are usually vans or minibusses that simultaneously accommodate multiple groups of people heading to the same place. In most instances, shuttles tend to fit about 10-12 people.

Sadly, these options are only available where there is a large influx of clients. In an area like Samana or Las Terrenas, where only a handful of clients visit, a shared shuttle is almost impossible to coordinate and fill up quickly. You would be better off taking a bus at the Samana bus stop.

Private Transportation Options

Besides the options above, there are plenty of good private transportation options to get to Sunset Samana. Here are some that you can consider.

Private Mini Van

Consider a private minivan if you are in a small group for this trip and want to keep things simple. These can fit anywhere from 1-10 people, depending on the vehicle size you need.

This can be better than relying on a taxi because a fixed price is guaranteed before you even land at the airport. Plus, you would get it from a private transfer company with a good reputation.

It can be preferable to rideshare because of the reliability that this provides. You would be fine meeting this driver at the airport, and they will make sure to have your name written on a sign to get your attention.

Plus, considering these come from a private transfer company, it will likely be a more comfortable car to drive in.

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Luxury Transportation

Some of you in smaller parties might want to make this trip to the Dominican Republic special. Some people gain an appreciation for the country by driving it, but what if you could do that in luxury?

Consider getting a luxury car to make this drive from Santo Domingo to Samana. This option is available if you want to do so while drinking adult beverages.

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Book Your Transportation From Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ) to Sunset Samana

These are all options you have when it comes to transportation from Santo Domingo Airport to Sunset Samana. While it is possible that you can save money going the public transportation route, you have to factor in the safety, convenience, and experience that you want to have on this trip.

Are you considering booking a private transfer to visit Sunset Samana? Fill out this form today to get started.

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