Jet Skis in Punta Cana, finally!

In February 2015, resolution 081-2015 was issued in order to prohibit the use of Jet Skis on Punta Cana beaches as a safety precaution to protect tourists' and visitors’ well-being. Although it’s always been known that jet skis are very unsafe against accidents, what pushed the decision to be made was the rise in water accidents in the past. These Jet Ski accidents are usually caused by reckless driving and lack of security systems within the Jet Skis, such as brakes.

This resolution has been supervised by the Dominican Navy (ARD), the National Police (PN), and the Specialized Tourism Security Corps (CESTUR).

Although it is currently not possible to jet ski in Punta Cana, you can still enjoy travel in the ocean or practice other water sports, such as yachts, water boats, parasails, and catamarans. If you’re looking for the adrenaline and fun of driving a jet ski, you can still find them at a few places in the Dominican Republic, where it is still possible to rent and drive Jet Skis outside of the Punta Cana area. These areas are usually the less crowded beaches where there is no risk of hurting swimmers.

Here is a list of the places where you can practice jet skiing in the Dominican Republic:

  1. Cabarete
    • You can find a variety of rental services available in the Cabarete area for a good price, along with complete tours that include food, drinks, and transportation for a complete and enjoyable experience.
  2. Terrenas
    • Another great place to rent jet skis is in Terrenas, a small city located in the Samaná province. There are several jet ski rental services and some of them even have instructors available to teach you how to drive these fast water machines. Prices might be charged per hour.
  3. Boca Chica
    • There are tons of modern and powerful jet skis available for rental and can be used within the Boca Chica area, next to Club Náutico Santo Domingo.

This list will be updated with any new areas in the Dominican Republic that allow jet skiing.

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