Live Aqua Punta Cana: 2023 Review

This 2023 Dominican Republic has the most paradisiac spot waiting for you. Live Aqua Punta Cana is all about luxury. 

It is a splendid beach resort located in the beautiful city of Punta Cana, where you will always remember your experience.

 Which category is the Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana?

It is an adult-only 5-star beach resort (guests below 18 years old and pets are not allowed). Live Aqua Punta Cana has an all-inclusive service, which is highly preferred over and over by all its guests. It provides a perfect synergy between the exuberant nature of the beach that surrounds it and the 1st class accommodations inside and out, elegantly equipped with up-to-date technology in appliances.

 How do I get from Punta Cana’s airport to Live Aqua Beach Resort?

There are many options for transportation from the Punta Cana Airport to the Live Aqua. Read our Transportation to Live Aqua Punta Cana blog for an in-depth guide by clicking here.

Consider booking a private shuttle to avoid waiting times after arriving at the Punta Cana Airport. Taxis at the airport are generally more expensive than a pre-booked private shuttle.

 An advantage of booking a private shuttle or private transfer is that you can arrange the correct vehicle size for your group, be it a small family of 4 or a family getaway for 30 guests.

There are many luxury options, from Suburbans and Cadillac Escalades to Mercedes Sprinters or stretch limos.

Need help with transportation? Please reach out to us by clicking here.

The check-in time at Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana is from 3:00 PM / 15:00 hours through 12:00 AM / 00:00 hours, and the check-out is before noon / Noon. There is no after-hours check-in, so remember that when you’re planning to arrive there.

 There are many options to choose from, do your research and make sure you book a good ride; this will prevent you from starting your vacation off on the wrong foot with iffy transportation providers or feeling like you were taken advantage of by a taxi driver. 

Does Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana offer any business services?

Yes, Of course, it does! If you can’t entirely escape from your work or, on the other hand, you want to give it a deluxe twist; this resort can do it for you! Among the many things available to make your business or working experience enjoyable, Live Aqua has meeting roomsa business center, and a banquet room; all are customizable to fit your specific company’s needs. 

 In addition, the resort can set everything up to make your business meeting run smoothly. Its service staff is fully prepared to handle the logistics and scary details. Rest assured, you can control where to allocate your guests, what to offer them, etc.

 Something else available for you is the ATM / Banking services, which are a huge relief when an emergency arises, and you are away from home with little time to solve it.

 Which popular attractions are close to Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana?

 There are many options and available sites, tours, and excursions to visit during your stay at Live Aqua Punta Cana. Please read our Tours and Excursions blog from Live Aqua Punta Cana for an in-depth guide by clicking here.

Here are some of the most popular activities:

To continue with an unforgettable night of lights, music, dance, and excellent national and international drinks to fire up your party, Coco Bongo has it all. This nightclub can give you a tropical version of a Las Vegas spectacle, which is better because of the locals' unique Dominican flavor while dancing to their contagious rhythms!

Book Coco Bongo by clicking here.

But if you are not afraid of getting dirty, the Buggy tours are a complete must! Get on a Buggy with a friend and enjoy an extreme drive across the Dominican Countryside. After that, you can always taste our exquisite national drinks.

Book your buggy tour by clicking here.

A tour of Saona Island is a must-do. You can board a catamaran at Bayahibe’s village in a paradisiac nature reserve with plenty of wildlife. If you are lucky, you might see many awesome starfishes! After that, you can play volleyball, dance merengue, and enjoy a BBQ lunch.

Saona has many options, from regular shared trips, Exclusive shared trips, or even private tours! 

Reach out by clicking here to get a quote!

Do you want to say “Hi” to some magnificent whales? Try the Whales Watching Tour! While aboard a fancy double-decker catamaran, these huge buddies will pass through Samana Bay, and they will surprise you! Whales are spotted from the 20th of January till the 15th of March.

Book your Whale Watching tour by clicking here!

 Which amenities can you find inside Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana?

 To sum it up: Everything you can possibly think of. But let’s talk about each one of the options:

  •  On Private beach: You won’t have to worry about finding a beach where you can hardly find a comfortable, spacious place for your friends and your belongings. You have assured that all the attendees at the beach are also guests from the resort, so you all have a vast, beautiful, safe space for everybody.


  • Restaurants: To start your day, you and the people with you staying at Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana have included in your stay the complimentary buffet breakfast from 7:00 am through 11:30 am. 

 In this way, you will be able to choose from the varied, delicious menu with top-quality ingredients keenly prepared to fulfill your nutritional needs, boosting you with a lot of energy and without the trouble of getting up early so as not to miss it. So if you partied hard last night and went late to bed, you can still wake up at 10 or 11 am and enjoy a tasteful breakfast that will help you continue with this new day’s activities.

 And to keep on, there are several restaurants on-site with the most unique, different selection of meals and dinners waiting for you, so you will never get bored and think: “I ate that yesterday.” 

 To mention some of them, you have the Liberi, the Miraflores, the Sospiro, the Chez Rose, and the ATL (the price of food and beverages from these five restaurants are included in the room price, with some restrictions you must consult first); and many more with fancy local and foreign cuisine from every continent that will activate your senses.

 Suppose you want something light and simple by yourself or a friend at any moment. In that case, you can also attend the resort’s coffee shop and Cafe or be treated to some coffee and tea in the common areas

 Do you need a drink to cheer you up a bit? Live Aquas got it! If you are at the pool or the beach, you will find the beach bar with the most incredible cocktails and different brands of beers available. For a more private yet funny drinking experience, you also have access to 5 bars and lounges strategically located all around the Live Aqua Beach Resort; the party does not stop whether alone, with your partner, spouse, or friend.

 What happens if someday you don’t feel in the mood to go out of your room to eat? Maybe because you don’t feel well, you have a zoom meeting (or more than one throughout the day), you have no idea when it will end… Or you simply want to stay in bed? No problem, this is covered too with the resort’s 24-hour room service. Contact the front desk from your room, let them know what you want from the menu, and they will take care of it!


  • Comfort, technology, and luxury in the rooms: Yes, Punta Cana is well-known for offering the best in accommodations, and any of the 347 rooms at Live Aqua Beach Resort are praised a lot for excelling in this particular all the time. Every room has free Wi-Fi available (as well as in some public areas identified) with a steady In-room speed of 25 Mbps

 You can work as much as you need in any of the laptop-friendly workspaces along your stay at the resort, or if you simply want to have a private pajama party watching Netflix, HBO+, Amazon Prime, or any movies or series from whatever streaming service or cable channel you like in the 55-inch Smart TVs… just ask the 24/7 front desk to get you the popcorn, other snacks of your preference and drinks and you’ll get them right away from the room service crew.

 The heat is only for the outdoor spaces, such as any of its 5 pools, the steam room, the private beach, and the sauna. A top-notch air conditioning system in the areas will keep everything as fresh and relaxed as you like, besides a fan if you prefer it. You can control the temperature in your room or ask the staff to do it for you whenever you want.

 As they take their guests’ good night's sleep seriously, Live Aqua’s staff include pillow-top mattresses with Egyptian cotton sheets. You will also find blackout curtains or drapes if you don’t want to be welcomed by the morning sun yet. Even the clouds in the sky do not match these features in terms of softness.

 Depending on the location of the room of your choice among the ones available (something the resort attempts to arrange in advance), you will get your space with furnished patios or furnished balconiesseparate sitting areas as well as wardrobes and closetsmodern rainfall showershair dryers and designer toiletries in all of them.

 Apart from a good night's sleep, one of the best things is having a dreamy wake-up. And you can choose and customize what to see first when opening your eyes. 

 In this sense, Live Aqua’s more than 300 rooms have options with a Garden view or Pool view (in Deluxe or Simple premium rooms with 1 King Bed or 2 Double Beds); the Elements suites with 1 King Bed, such as the Tierra Suite with Beach view, the Fuego Suite and the Viento Suite with Ocean view, the Aqua Swim-Up and the Premium Swim-Up with private pools and last but not least the Honeymoon Suite, where you can have that magical first night of marriage with your loved one surrounded by a private collection outside of a fully-equipped room with premium bedding and a breathtaking landscape.

 These rooms (depending on the type of room you select) are for 2 or 3 people at most. You must ask first for availability. You must also consider the possibility of being extra-charged for having more people with you, and extra beds in the room (more than the ones already placed in there, in the case of Double-bed rooms) are not allowed.

 Am I Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana cleaning and safety practices followed? If so, which ones?

Sure! The guest's and personnel’s safety and well-being come first, so they are still highly alert even though the pandemic is gone. The crew uses strong yet hypoallergenic disinfectants with an electrostatic sprayer, paying constant attention to high-touch surfaces and following international, verified safety procedures indicated by the health authorities to avoid spreading any infectious, contagious disease.

 The staff also wash towels and sheets at 60°C / 140°F or even hotter, so you can rest assured that every fabric provided by the hotel that gets in touch with your skin is 100% sanitized.

Regarding your meals, the resort has options for individually-wrapped food at any time, including room service. If you feel a bit ill or you desire to go through it, just out of caution, the personnel is ready to assist you with temperature checks. They also count on hand sanitizer in public areas.

 Something the beach resort learned from Covid-19 was to improve on the matter of contactless technology and to see its significant advantages, starting from a contactless check-in and check-out processcashless transactions for every service receivedcontactless room service if you need it and the constant cleaning of every public device and machine used for these purposes. As a guest, you get to be more independent while making purchases.

 What is the language spoken at Live Aqua Beach Resort?

 As one of Punta Cana’s most emblematic spots for having the best touristic adventure, everyone at Live Aqua is conscious of the importance of good communication with the customers. Both English and Spanish languages, since Live Aqua workers enjoy it when their guests have the confidence to talk to them because they know they understand them. Not all staff speak English at the same level; if you feel you are not getting the point across, contact the concierge or front desk for better assistance.

 Does Live Aqua have a Spa?

Yes! And something outstanding to highlight about the Live Aqua Beach Resort’s Spa is the excellent variety of services and body treatments you have at your disposal there, with the sole purpose of activating all your senses while making you feel like never before. Let’s see what this wonderful Spa has in store for you:

  •  Massages: Immerse yourself in the relaxing experience of having a pair of skillful hands, both rolling around you with the help of a good moisturizing cream or gel and making you forget about all of your troubles, the pain of maybe having slept in the wrong position or some muscular strains resulting from accumulating a lot of stress on yourself. 

 Definitely possible! This Spa counts different types of massages specially conceived to fit every necessity, such as the sports massage, the Swedish massage, the deep-tissue massage, and the hot stones massage. Each of these is scientifically certified to improve your physical health and general well-being, as they focus on specific critical points in your body responsible for normal joints and muscle functioning.

  •  Thalassotherapy: This one can be easily called a “massage on steroids,” as it combines the soothing effect of what a good pair of hands can do during a massage with the Greek thought that the sea can provide what we need to improve the health and aspect of our skin.

 Scientific studies have demonstrated the many benefits of sea mineralsalgae, and other substances we can obtain from the depths of the oceans and their inhabitants; so to help our skin recover its healthy glow if lost and re-nourish it using unique body scrubs and other creams filled with sea products, enhancing and deepening their effects as well with body wraps.

  •  Steam room and sauna: The humid heat from a lot of water constantly boiling vs. the dry heat from hot stones or a nearly enclosed stove… That’s up to you to choose. The truth is that each benefits your body by allowing your pores to open and get clean from air toxins and free radicals responsible for skin damage, premature aging, and other severe diseases.

 At Live Aqua’s spa, you will find the sauna, which will help you feel more relaxed as your muscles will stop getting tense, and the steam room that deeply cleanses your skin. Cleanness and relax guaranteed.

  • Turkish bath, also known as Hamman: If you have the time, you won’t regret experiencing this all-in-one body therapy at Live Aqua’s Spa. First, you wash your body for around 45 minutes, scrubbing it thoroughly with a case they provide you (a hand-woven wash cloth) and a foam wash, followed by a massage, while you wrap yourself in a peshtemal (a delicate cotton towel) and after finishing it you change to a regular towel they also give you to use after the bath.
  •  Aromatherapy and Music: At Live Aqua Spa, they are sure about one fact: Relaxation comes not only from touch but also from what a person smells and hears. That’s why during most of their therapies (especially massages), they apply soft essences from flowers and fruits to the air in the room, along with comforting instrumental melodies at a no disturbing volume to maximize every sensation, as three senses are being activated simultaneously.


  • Facials and Reflexology: Our face, hands, and feet are our letter of introduction to the world, principally for women. They know that, so the Spa’s staff pays attention not only from neck to legs and arms but also to these 3 main parts that significantly influence our well-being. 

 The hands and feet are connected through many nerves to other parts of our body, including our organs. And through reflexology, they find these points of connection that activate the good functioning of those parts while we feel our hands and feet somewhat soothed. And your feet will particularly thank you for it, as they carry the weight of the entire body while they go through different soils that are not always plain.

 Do you know how many muscles are required to open your mouth, talk, eat, smile, blink, and arc your eyebrows? Live Aqua’s Spa provides the best facial massages with creams, gels, and scrubs adapted to your skin type. Your face gets cleansed, nourished, refreshed, and relaxed after their many exclusive treatments. 

 Please keep in mind that massages and other spa treatments require prior reservation. Check each spa service’s availability you want by calling the resort before you get there, so you can reserve them at the day and hour that bests suits you according to your specific schedule.

 What can you do at Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana?

 There are plenty of activities for you to choose from to keep you busy, healthy, and active during your stay, and they can be split into 2 categories:

  •  To exercise and/or remain fit and healthy: You have a fitness center working 24 hours a day, 5 outdoor pools and an indoor pool (found in certain room types), and aerobics and yoga classes. You also have the steam room and the sauna available.


  • To be active and have fun on your own or with friends: You can pick between beach volleyball and yoga (or having both), playing billiards/pool, going to Live Aqua’s spectacular Spa to enjoy an almost spiritual experience in relaxation, having a private picnic, attending to the evening entertainment shows hosted by the Beach Resort or dancing to the fullest at its nightclub

 How do the parking and accessibility work at the Live Aqua Beach Resort?

 Your room price offers several benefits, like complimentary self-parking on-site and valet parking on-site

 In terms of accessibility, the resort puts extra effort into being inclusive to people who are physically handicapped, the reason for which the staff has made available wheel-chair accessible parkingin-room accessibility, and accessible bathrooms (these last ones require prior consultation), a path to the entrance that is stair-free and pretty much all the services can be adapted to be wheel-chair accessible. You would only have to indicate it previously while reserving to offer you a room with these features and have the crew ready to help when necessary.

 What other guest services does Live Aqua offer?

First and foremost, a multilingual 24/7 front desk trained to manage the guests’ requests. Then you have champagne/coffee/tea maker /free bottled water/minibar, conciergeelevatordry cleaningturndown, and wedding services (with a banquet and a reception hall that provides the romantic touch to one of the most memorable moments in life, this being part of the romance package the resort offers). Other services include daily housekeepingluggage storage, lockers, laundry facilitiesporter and bellhop, and tour assistance

 Each guest will find in his or her room enough articles of daily and personal use in his or her room like toothpasteshampoobathrobestowelstoothbrushessoapslippers, and more. Guests also have access to a phone in their room, a list of suggestions and recommendations, a restaurant dining guide, an ironing board, and well-distributed separate ambiances for each of their needs. 

 Live Aqua also offers an exclusive butler service ready to attend to your in-room necessities and provide you with everything you ask for, so you don’t have to worry and won’t miss a thing regarding this delightful experience!

Inform yourself about the availability of special requests right after you check-in. Remember that there could be additional charges for them.

How much does a night at Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana cost?

The lowest nightly price calculated for a 1-night stay at Live Aqua starts from US $354.74 (taxes and other fees apart), and it applies from January 4, 2023, to the following 30 days. This price and the other rooms’ prices are subject to change, so it is strongly recommended that you select the dates you want to stay there to get more detailed, up-to-date, accurate prices.

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Now that you know everything to see, you are ready for your trip! Message us on our chat or contact form; as local pros, we can answer any questions regarding your vacation to the Live Aqua Punta Cana.

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