Reasons you need to go to Las Terrenas ASAP

Las Terrenas is a small and beautiful town born in Samana, a peninsula located in the northeast part of the Dominican Republic. Anyone who talks about Terrenas knows that this is a place for relaxation, fishing, beautiful scenery, and pristine beaches. Since it is a small town, life there is peaceful, creating a sense of togetherness within its inhabitants just like a neighborhood. Every year thousands of Dominicans and foreigners visit this town looking to reconnect with nature and have a tropical adventure, which has propelled its growth and tourist development. We are happy to share with you why you need to pack all your things and go to Terrenas ASAP, so keep reading to find out more.

Getting to Las Terrenas

Whether you are located at the Samaná airport or coming through Santo Domingo or Punta Cana, there are many transportation options available that can take you to Terrenas. we recommend booking a private transfer or shuttle service for you and your companions here.

What to do in Las Terrenas

  • Wonderful views at Mirador de Cosón

Mirador de Cosón will set the tone for your trip to Terrenas, and its location makes it an ideal viewpoint since it is located next to the highway, paving the entrance to Cosón beach, on the Boulevard Turístico del Atlántico road which runs from Las Terrenas to El Catey airport. This place is one of the most wonderful views that can be found in Terrenas, so you will get to take wonderful pictures, observe nature and have a breath of fresh air on your way to town.

  • Visit Pueblo de los Pescadores

This small town was previously dedicated to fishing, but nowadays it's a very attractive destination for tourists. Its colorful restaurants, nightclubs, and bars are like a hidden treasure. You can also find interesting places for shopping and enjoy local food.

  • Taste the delicious local food

Terrenas has wonderful restaurants that specialize in a variety of different cuisines, most of them located next to the beach so you can enjoy a wonderful view while you eat and then go have a splash. There are also small dining spots where you can taste the real Dominican food. Here you can find a detailed list of restaurants available in Terrenas.

  • Visit an Eco Park

Ecotopia Park is one of the best places to get in contact with nature in las Terrenas. With its garden views, outdoor pool, and lush forests, every step will feel like a botanical wonderland. The views are amazing, you can enjoy eco lodging and the amenities they offer. They serve breakfast, get tanned at the sun terrace, or go hiking. There are also some establishments nearby such as supermarkets, bars, and the nautical club.

  • Limón Waterfall

A well-preserved area with an almost virgin landscape where you can explore the rich vegetation in the area, and make a splash at Salto del Limón, one of the natural jewels of the Dominican Republic and the Samaná peninsula. It is a waterfall of more than 40 meters high where you will not only enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the water falling from such a height, but you will also be able to take one of the most unforgettable baths and that you will remember the most as it flows into a spa.

  • Beach trips

The beaches are certainly the one thing that keeps people coming back to Las Terrenas. The views are Instagram-worthy, and if you’ve never been there, you will discover that each one of these beaches is beautiful and paradisiac, surrounded by coconut trees, vegetation, mountain views, and white sand. As mentioned before, Terrena’s beaches are virgin and well preserved, promising the best experience to its visitors. Some of these beaches are also great for practicing water sports, diving, and kitesurfing.

The beaches you located in Terrenas are: Playa Bonita, Playa Escondida, Playa Punta Poppy, Playa las ballenas, Playa Casa Blanca and Playa Coson.

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