The best shopping spots in Punta Cana

You just had the time of your life vacationing in the Dominican Republic and it’s almost time to leave so you think to yourself: What should I take home to remember this trip and to give to my loved ones who weren’t here? There’s a seemingly endless number of stores to visit and it can get overwhelming. Here’s where we come to the rescue: We’ve compiled the best places to shop for gifts, souvenirs, and any type of exotic accessories that’ll remind you of this awesome experience.

Taino Gift Shop

Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience by visiting Taino Gift Shop, a cultural shop located in Punta Cana at only 5 minutes from the airport. They have everything from coffee, to alcoholic beverages to jewelry and memorable souvenirs all in one space. Their staff is ultra-friendly and provides tours for chocolate, mamajuana, and coffee, amongst other things.

At Taino, you will be able to enjoy the experience of seeing how the chocolate is made in the Dominican Republic and how Cigars are rolled and prepared for your enjoyment, but don’t stop there, enjoy taste testing the wide variety of chocolate, cigars and rum that Taino has to offer, this way you know exactly what you will take home.

If you’re more into gastronomic experiences, you can sign up for their Taíno Gourmet Cooking Lab which offers Dominican cooking classes for tourists to learn about our roots and international cuisine for the local public.

So what are you waiting for to visit this amazing spot? Contact us now to arrange free round trip transportation while in Punta Cana to visit Taino Gift Shop.

Secretariat Cigars

If you live for a good strong cigar, Secretariat Cigars is a premium cigar boutique you’ll want on your radar for many reasons. The local brand offers superior quality at factory prices and offers a master class so you can become a better smoker. Its founder is a 34-year-old multilingual connoisseur and experienced smoker in the Dominican Republic, armed with vast knowledge of the country and the cigar industry, and that translates into making Secretariat Cigars a top-notch cigar boutique.

Jellyfish Shop

Jellyfish Shop specializes in beautifully designed, luxury beachwear, bikinis, and accessories. You can enjoy your trip with their quality beachwear or take them home to wear them out on your next trip to the beach. They have put all their effort, dedication, and love so that you have the best service and attention in their physical store on Bávaro Beach or through their website.

Museo del Artesano

If you’d like to take a piece of the flavors, smells, and traditions of the Dominican Republic with you, The Artisan Museum is the place for you. It is located in the San Juan shopping center, and it is the most complete souvenir shop. This store has all sorts of artisanal gifts, paintings, precious handcrafted souvenirs, and typical alcoholic beverages.

Nino’s Liquors

Speaking of beverages, another great way to remember your trip is to buy a tasteful drink at this family-owned business. Nino’s Liquors is a creation of the Italian Nino and his wife Maria. They are made with local fruits, herbs, Caribbean sugars, a good Dominican rum, and a pinch of love. These artisan liquors represent the true taste of paradise in a bottle.

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