These are the five best attractions to visit at Scape Park: Punta Cana’s action-packed eco park.

From eye-catching landscape attractions to adrenaline packed activities, Scape Park has been dubbed the ‘Disney World’ of the Dominican Republic for a good reason. We’re here to show you why Scape Park is one of those places you need to visit now.

What is Scape Park and what can you do there?

Scape Park is a one of a kind natural cenote made theme park located in the heart of Cap Cana, one of the best tourist destinations in the caribbean. Tourists visiting this exotic destination can get to explore the impressive ecological system while partaking in thrilling activities such as scuba diving in its refreshing natural cenote, soaring all along the El Farallón cliff on a zipline, snorkeling around with fish in the tropical waters and driving through the jungle on buggy adventures, just to name a few.

History lovers will be transported to another era while visiting the caves, which carry the history of the earliest inhabitants of the island: the taínos. The caves provide a look into replicas of ancient bohíos (indian huts), african palenques and spanish houses while uncovering the flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic.

Vacationing in Scape Park is like a dream come true, it's a unique destination in the caribbean where the beach, the cliffs and the ecosystem join forces to provide an escape from the ordinary to a new world of adventure.

What are the best places to visit during your stay at Scape Park?

Here we’ve gathered a list of five of the most popular attractions and activities guaranteed to make your stay at Scape Park a once in a lifetime experience.

Hoyo Azul (Blue Lagoon)

We’ve all dreamt of having our bodies covered by refreshing mystic waters, while submerging into a deep calmness and being one with nature. Being in Hoyo Azul, you’ll feel like your dreams will come true. You can submerge in the refreshing turquoise waters which are approximately 14 meters deep and surrounded by nature and vegetation. If diving in exotic crystal waters is not your thing (which we doubt), you can explore nearby caves such as Cueva Iguabonita, which we will talk about later.

In order to reach this amazing cenote, you will have to cross a suspension bridge, walk through a tropical forest and go through stairs to reach the destination. Even the journey there is packed with a fun experience that you won’t want to miss. Remember to pack your swimsuit, a towel and sunscreen to get the best out of this experience!

Zip Line Eco Adventure

This is where all of the adrenaline junkies gather to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Scape Parks’ one and only ZipLine Eco Adventure is the perfect activity for soaring through the air and jungle of El Farallón, all along a 75 meters high cliff. Enjoy a mixture of emotions while you fly across the trees in this amazing attraction. As expected, you are provided with safety equipment to ensure a fun and safe trip.

Parrot Island

The Parrot Island provides an unforgettable experience where you can interact with its colorful and friendly exotic birds. Don’t forget to bring your camera to snap a few pictures of them! FACTS: Parrots are one of the most intelligent bird species. Some parrot’s species, such as the macaw, can live for over 80 years.

Monkey Island

These islands are homes to the squirrel and capuchin monkeys. Here they spend the day in a natural and open-air environment. These furry creatures love to jump, climb, play, laugh and more. If you are an animal lover, they will capture your heart. FACTS: Capuchin and squirrel monkeys belong to the group of New World Monkeys, they are different species but form part of the same family, Cebidae.

Iguabonita Cave

If you are an avid explorer, you’ll love the idea of touring underground caves. First, you will visit El Farallón which is an 100 meters high cliff, and descend through a vast underground network of caves and tunnels while admiring in awe the extraordinary geological formations this impressive cavern has to offer.

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