What’s Good in Santo Domingo?

In the capital of the Dominican Republic, you can find many wonderful places that you can not miss out on, one of these is the famous Colonial Zone named a World Heritage site by Unesco. Truly a one of a kind cultural and first-class experience that you will not forget.

There are other unique places, like the Botanical Garden of Santo Domingo, an extensive, protected and pollution-free garden in the city, frequented by locals and tourists who want to appreciate the beauty and charm that nature offers.

Another option us Colon Park which stores the colonial history of the Dominican Republic. Currently, cultural parties are organized where tourists and locals can spend a moment or enjoy a drink.

Santo Domingo has some beautiful and iconic beaches like Boca Chica, a tropical paradise of almost 1.5 kilometers in length with pristine white sand and a large coral reef, populated with hotels, clubs, restaurants, and terraces overlooking the beach.

Among the many meals, you can enjoy that are traditionally Dominican there are fruit-based desserts made with coconut or mangoes, also our famous Dulce de Leche. For those who are not too into sweets, we have our famous Locrio, a dish composed of stewed rice mixed with a combination of meats, seafood or vegetables.

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