Where to go in Puerto Plata?

Puerto Plata is one of the most beautiful provinces of the Dominican Republic, rich with culture and a variety of destinations to visit. One of them being the 27 Charcos found in Damajagua, lush with forest and waterfalls you can enjoy the trail filled with slides and bridges, provided with the equipment you can safely traverse the deep waters and complex terrain.

Another exciting attraction found in Puerto Plata is the Cable Car, created with Italian design, reinforced glass and with a capacity of up to 17 people, you would be able to appreciate an overhead view of the city. Once you reach the top, take in the view and enjoy the variety of shops and restaurants.

Enjoy a visit to the Amber Museum which houses a variety of insects and small animals bathed in amber, creating a unique and amazing experience.

The beaches are a must go, placed on the Caribbean Sea we have Dorada Beach, protected by a reef and surrounded by resorts frequented by tourists and locals alike for its ideal surfing and kitesurfing conditions. Another option is Cofresi Beach, housing a suitable climate for activities such as diving and snorkeling.

Try the traditional Dominican plate simply called The Flag, or go to the Bay and relish on fresh fish that is served and prepared in a variety of styles.

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