Zip-Line from Dreams Onyx Punta Cana: All You Need to Know

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Zip lining is an extremely popular excursion that many people participate in worldwide. It's a great adventure to do just about anywhere!

If you are going to Punta Cana soon, you should consider booking a ziplining excursion soon.

You will witness some of the most beautiful jungles high above the ground in one of the prettiest places.

Are you curious why you should be going zip lining at Dreams Onyx in Punta Cana? Do you want to know more details before you leap to sign up?

Then keep reading this guide for everything you need about the ziplining experience!

Everything to Know About Zip Lining at Dreams Onyx

If you are ready for the time of your life, you will want to book a ziplining tour in Punta Cana.

But before you book, there are some things you should know about the excursion since every excursion differs a bit.

Length of the Tour

The duration of the tour is 5 hours. Round trip transportation is provided in the price, albeit shared.

Be prepared to be away for about half of the day!

Pick up from the Dreams Onyx Punta Cana resort are:

  • 7:35 am
  • 1:35 pm

Book well ahead of time to ensure you can go on the day and shift you are interested in.

What's Included?

When you book a ziplining tour in Punta Cana, you will receive a few things included with your booking. They are as follows:

  • All equipment and training that you will need to go zip lining
  • Experienced guides that will keep you safe
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Helmets for safety
  • Water

You will not have to worry about bringing your water, but you can if you want to.

Highlights for the Trip

One of the most significant parts of this zip line course is that it is one of the most extended zip line courses in the Caribbean! How cool is that!?

But even better, it is the lengthiest zip line in the Dominican Republic. That means you can boast about that when you get home from your vacation!

You are going the furthest length of a zip line in the DR and doing it while you are 800 meters in the air! That's almost 2,400 feet up there!

You'll want to keep your eyes peeled on the landscape around you and be sure to find beauty in the Anamuya Mountain landscape. From trees to cloud cover to wildlife, this mountain has it all. And you get to experience it all from above!

But how many platforms will you be on, and how many times will you get to zip line across? There are 18 platforms and 12 zip lines that go through the jungle.

Requirements for the Trip

Before you go on your trip, a few requirements must be made aware. For starters, you must sign a liability waiver before you go. When you arrive, you will also need to attend a briefing.

Additionally, covered shoes are required.

Remember that children under 12 can do the zip lines up to cable eight but will have to stop after that. However, anyone under the age of 6 cannot participate.

Even though the age of participants is essential, weight also is. The minimum weight is 44 pounds. The maximum weight is 280 pounds.

Cost of the Trip

If you want to participate in this excursion while you are in Punta Cana, you want to know how to budget for it.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • $80 for adults 13+
  • $45 for children 6-12
  • Observers are also $45

If you have someone in your group who wants to avoid participating, they can observe! This makes it fun for everyone to go.

You can book any of these options by clicking HERE.

Why You Should Choose to Go Zip Lining

You should go zip lining for many reasons as your adventure in Punta Cana! For starters, it's a fun adventure for anyone! But you'll want to add this to your list for your next Punta Cana vacation for many other reasons!

See the Wilderness From a New Point of View

Everyone can see wilderness from the ground. But what about seeing it from the air? This isn't as common; luckily, going ziplining allows you to see things from up high!

You'll see nature, panoramic views, beautiful landscapes, and more. You may even see different kinds of wildlife from above as well!

This is a great way to appreciate what surrounds you while having a blast doing it, too!

No Experience Required

If you are looking for a Punta Cana excursion to try out but need to figure out what you can do, there's good news! Zip lining doesn't require any prior experience. This means you can arrive at your vacation and then head on your excursion without knowing anything about it!

Zip lining is not a physically challenging activity, so there is no need to get into the best shape of your life before trying it out.

However, although it's not challenging, it is a great way to get outdoors and move a bit! This is great for your physical and mental health.

However, it is essential to note that there will be some physical activity, such as climbing up and down platforms and walking to and from the zip line. However, there's nothing too strenuous to worry about.

Create Lasting Memories

One of the best parts about zip lining (especially with friends or family) is that you will create lasting memories. It's a great experience to try out, and you'll remember it forever!

Make sure you capture some photos of all the good memories you will have so you can look back and relive the moment!

Fun for All Ages

There are so many types of excursions that you can only do at a certain age. However, that's different with ziplining.

Ziplining tours are safe for just about anyone, although there is a minimum age of 6 on this course. Just keep this in mind when you book this excursion if you do have little ones under six years old.

Great for Large Groups

One of the best things about zip lining is that you can do it with large groups. If you want to go on vacation with your family and friends, this is a great activity to choose to do.

Not only can you do it, but it can bring you and your group closer together. That's one of the benefits of doing things together - you are brought closer together by the thrill of the experience.

Tips to Know Before You Go Zip Lining

As fun, as zip lining is, there are a few things to know before you go.
This can help you have the best time out there!

Choose a Reputable Company

The first thing you want to do is choose a reputable company to go ziplining with.

You want to ensure the company has good reviews about safety standards. Since you are above ground, hanging from a harness, zipping through the sky, you want to be safe.

To figure this out, you can read online reviews on a search engine after searching for zip lining in Punta Cana.

When you book with us, you are backed by our over 700 positive reviews.

We put our customer safety at the top of our list!

Wear the Right Clothing

Some companies will tell you what they want you to wear, so checking on this before you go is best.

It is best practice to take comfortable clothing, biodegradable sunscreen, and closed sneakers.

You will definitely want to avoid loose clothing and jewelry as well. These types of articles of clothing can get easily caught in the zipline, which can be dangerous to you while you are out there.

Wear Closed-Toe Shoes

You want to ensure you wear comfortable shoes when you are ziplining. You could wear any type of sneaker or hiking boots to be satisfied. Remember that you are walking and climbing to get to the zip line.

You may also want to wear Tevas or another similar open-toed hiking shoe. Those will also work as they strap on tightly and are just as supportive as a shoe.

Always Listen to the Guide

Another helpful tip before you start is to know that you must always follow the guide's instructions. They know what they are doing, so listening to them will keep you safe.

Their instructions will also ensure you have the best time while out ziplining!

Check Equipment

Before you go zip lining, you should always check the equipment on your body.

You can check out the helmet as well as the harness. Ensure it is in good condition (i.e., not rusted, not grimy, etc.). You also want to make sure that the equipment properly fits you.

Your helmet should fit snugly on your head, and your harness should not be loose. It must stay snug to your body to provide the proper support while ziplining.

Look at Weight Restrictions

Before you go zip lining, you will want to check out the restrictions on the weight.

If you have any worries, just reach out, and we can make sure together that you are good to go on this fantastic zipline tour.

Leave Essential Items Behind

You do not need to bring any unnecessary items to the zip line. This only makes it more complicated to figure out where to put your things and what to do with them when you are out on the zip line.

You should only bring your ID, wallet, and phone.

Leave behind headphones, chargers, and more. Those aren't necessarily out on the course!

Be Prepared for Weather

The weather in the tropics is constantly changing. One second, the weather could be sunny; the next, it might be torrential downpours.

Since zip lining is an outdoor activity, you will want to ensure you are prepared for anything that happens out there.

This means you should bring a rain jacket. You should also bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and water for when it is hot and sunny out!

It's Time to Book a Zip Line Tour

Have you been thinking about going on a zip line adventure? Then you will want to get this excursion on the books before you head off on your Dominican Republic adventure!

You can book your tour with us today if you are ready to start.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have before you go. It is better to come prepared.

We can't wait to see you on one of our tours soon! And be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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